Maldives Ecotourism Sustains a Nation

  The Maldives remain relatively untouched by the hands of human development, and the natives of this region are dedicated to preserving the wondrous beauty that the islands are known for. Maldives ecotourism is important to these preservation efforts, and tourists are encouraged to utilize local services when visiting or vacationing in the Maldives.

Maldives Ecotourism

Promote Maldives Ecotourism

Although government groups issue permits for tourism operations in the Maldives, many of these operations are internationally owned and very little of the revenue goes back into the island. Tourism is the number one generator of revenue in the Maldives, and for this reason, choosing eco-friendly and locally sponsored activities and hotels is important to the Maldivian culture. Preserving the beauty and wonder of the Maldives islands requires a strong government and plenty of funding, but money spent by tourists staying in facilities that are owned by foreign companies does very little to add to this effort. Maldives ecotourism relies on the knowledge and actions of the tourists themselves.

Self-Sustained Accommodation

There are more than 1,100 islands that make up the nation of the Maldives. Each island boasts a single resort hotel that is both locally owned and operated. These hotels generate their own electricity and have their own water supply, but they also handle their own sewage and refuse treatment. When tourists choose to stay in Maldivian-owned tourist facilities, a large percentage of the cost is re-invested in the preservation of nature and wildlife reserves all over the country, as well as the growth of the resort hotel itself. This cycle has made the nation of the Maldives one of the most highly visited tourism nations in the world today.

Warm temperatures all year, nearly transparent waters, pristine white beaches and a myriad of species of wildlife make the Maldives a simply stunning nation that seems nearly out of place when compared to common concrete jungles. Those who travel to the Maldives are taken aback by the splendor and beauty that surrounds them. In many cases, it is hard to believe that such beauty still exists on this planet. Maldives ecotourism guarantees that the beauty of the islands will be available to an unlimited number of generations, but it is up to the inhabitants and those who tour the islands to uphold the laws and regulations.

Maldives Ecotourism

Eco-Friendly Activities

Environmental preservation is very important to Maldives ecotourism and in other locations that support diverse cultures, endangered coral reefs, and a vast array of wildlife. The Maldivian people strive to incorporate the natural beauty and wildlife found all over the nation into its tourism efforts, so activities like scuba diving, deep sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling and even windsurfing are extremely popular. Although some of these activities could be potentially harmful to the ecosystem, strict government regulations protect the environment from tourists and locals alike. For instance, laws are in place to prevent the capture of certain species of endangered turtles, but tourist organizations promote observing them.

Friendly Locals

Even with the multitude of laws and regulations that are designed to protect the beauty and splendor of the nation, Maldives ecotourism still flourishes. Local and native Maldives residents are always very friendly and can provide a wealth of information. There is no better resource available to discover the hidden treasures on each and every island. The local population is dedicated to the preservation of their islands and culture, so it is always best to take ideas and recommendations from them and not from outside agencies or international organizations. Many tourists even pay local Maldivian people to escort them during fishing and exploration.

friendly Maldivians

Preserve a Culture

It is evident that tourism allows the Maldivian culture and landscape to continue thriving. For this reason, it is important for tourists to understand that their money is what helps the region flourish. On some islands, there may be several resorts from which to choose, but the selection of a locally owned and operated hotelor guest houses ensures that the majority of the money each tourist spends goes back into the island. Many international organizations advertise the best deals for Maldives vacation packages, but this money goes back to the country in which the organization originates. This does very little to sustain the Maldivian culture. When a tourist chooses a local guest houses, they can be certain that they are doing their part to preserve a culture that is thousands of years in the making. There are very few nations in the world that can match the genius and ideals of Maldives ecotourism. The Maldives will continue to thrive for centuries as long as locals and tourists alike uphold the laws and ideals behind the preservation of their culture.