Maldives Fishing: A unique experience

  What comes to your mind when you think of the endless depths of crystalline turquoise water? Fishing, isn’t it? Well, many marine scenes might pop into your head but if any of these images tempt you then you must visit the Maldives, a favoured destination for deep sea fishing.

The amazing atmosphere of the Republic of Maldives with tropical weather, sun-soaked dazzling beaches and plenty of aquatic species make it a dream spot for fishing fanatics. Be a first-timer or an expert, even if you’re not usually into fishing, try it, you’re sure to have a unique experience.

More than a pastime


Fishing in Maldives is not just a mere recreational activity for the tourists visiting the place; it is one of the major means of livelihood for the Maldivian people. For many local people, Maldives fishing is the lifeblood and is the biggest and important part of their existence.

Moreover, it is the backbone of Maldivian economy – a substantial portion of job opportunities and Gross Domestic Product in the country. Tourism is one of the other major contributors.

Fishing in Maldives is endowed with a huge collection of unique species of fish like groupers, tuna, emperors, dolphin fish…barracuda, squirrelfish, rainbow runner and lots of other types of exotic fish that make the land a prime fishing spot. You only need a fishing line and a dhoni to hone in on your fishing skills in the blue waters of the Maldives. You may even be able to fish with a line off the shore of your local island.

Fishing of all kinds

Maldives fishing can be categorized into 3 types: casual day fishing, big game fishing and night fishing. Picture a traditional boat, low to the water with a local fisherman on board. You’re holding a fishing line while motoring through the sea and enjoying tropical views, this is casual day fishing. This can be done pretty much anytime and even on the way to and from a visit to a beach island.

Big game fishing is hugely dependent on the fishing locations and the weather. The morning time is perfect for some big catches like Wahoo, marlin, sailfish, barracuda, swordfish, yellow fish tuna and many other big fishes. You can hire fishing equipment and speedboats with a guide and set out in your big game adventure. Don’t forget to inquire about precautions and laws to stay in line with the Maldives conservation efforts.

While fishing in Maldives, you should know about the Government prohibitions. Remember! The local government does not allow hunting of dolphins and whales. It also prohibits the use of harpoon guns and there are some protected areas, where you cannot fish at all.

Night fishing in Maldives is also equally popular where you can catch barracuda, snappers, emperors and squirrelfish, among others. You can enjoy the rhythmic sound of waves and the amazing nightscape around you as go in your fishing expedition after dark.

Fishing with the local fishermen!

Whatever type you fancy, the local island is a great base to hire a guide, some fishing equipment and a dhoni (traditional boat) to take you to the best fishing spots. Staying in our guest house means you have a bit of help organising a fishing trip and can travel where the large resort groups can’t visit. After your big day or night catch, you could have the fish barbequed, just ask a local restaurant or your guest house’s kitchen. Ask us about fishing when you make your booking!