Ariston Dhangethi Inn

Ariston Dhangethi Inn is located 90 km away from the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport and 2 hours away from Male via a boat ride.

The rooms in this hotel have an AC, a fan, a TV and private bathroom. The bathrooms have both a shower area and bath area. Also included in the rooms are a desk and chair and off course, bed linens.

You can enjoy free WI FI anywhere within the hotel. If you need assistance at any time of the day, you can go to the reception area, which runs 24 hours a day. You can also get your clothes ironed if you want. Special storage for luggage is available.

There are various activities that you can engage in while staying at the hotel. This includes fishing, snorkeling and diving at the many top diving areas that are situated close to the hotel.

Dangethi is fondly referred to as Handhu Runbaa by the locals. The word Handhu translates to moon in English and Runbaa means jar. The origin of this nick name comes from a popular myth that is well known in this island.

The myth is about some fishermen who went out fishing one night, when the sky was clear and moon was shining. When they were out in the sea on their boat (dhoni), one of the fishermen caught sight of the reflection of the moon in a jar that was in the boat. The reflection made the moon seem like it was in the jar. Out of excitement, he called out to the other fishermen who were with him in the boat. On seeing the moon in the jar, all the fishermen became excited at the thought that they had managed to trap the moon in the jar. They decided that the best thing they could do with such a gift was to present it to their king, so as to honor him. So, they immediately closed the lid of the jar and set sail to the island where their king lived. On reaching the Kings palace, they told him that they wanted to give him a special gift. You can imagine the surprise of the fishermen when they opened the jar to show the king his special gift only to realize that the moon was no longer there. Since that day, the island has been known as Handhu Runbaa.

There are several variations of this story, which you can get to hear from the local themselves when you visit this island.

  • 24-hour front desk
  • 24-hour room service
  • airport transfer
  • bicycle rental
  • laundry service
  • luggage storage
  • restaurant
  • smoking area
  • WiFi