Beach Stay Maldives

Beach Stay Maldives is one of the top hotels in the Maldives. It was established in 2015 and it boasts of world class staff and quality customer service. Whether you are in the Maldives for holiday or on business, staying at the Maldives will provide you with a pleasant experience. The hotel offers customized packages that meet the needs of their clientele.

The hotel works with other players in the industry all over the country, to ensure that they deliver nothing but the best services to their clientele. This will ensure that you get favorable rates when travelling or going sightseeing at various places that are affiliated with the hotel.

The hotel has customer care agents, who will take care of all your needs from the time you arrive at the hotel up to the time that you leave.

Meedhoo Island is located in the Dhalau Atoll. The size of the island is one square kilometer. There are various economic activities that take place in this island, with fishing being the main economic activity. Construction is fast picking up, as many storied buildings are being put up in the island. The tourism industry is also growing, as many tourists flood the island every year.

The island has a natural harbor, where goods are loaded and unloaded from ships. Since the capacity of the natural harbor was not enough, a small harbor was built in 2012 to support the growing activities of the island and the increase in the number and size of fishing vessels.

The island boasts of having 4 mosques. 2 of these mosques are used by men and the other 2 are used by women. There is one school, a preschool, a health centre and the Meedhoo Secretariat has an office in the island.

In 2004, the island suffered a catastrophe when it was hit by a tsunami. However, the island has been able to recover remarkably well since then, with various developments taking place. Since the island is overpopulated, there is no more space to put up buildings, hence the preference by the locals to put up storied buildings.

One of the major issues that the islanders face is soil erosion, though the government has taken certain measures to stem this problem.

The Wataniya Telecom Network and the Dhiraagu networks have relatively good reception in the island. However, there are no landline phones in this island, except at the school and the public office and 2 public telephone booths. There are various TV channels that can be viewed from the island. This includes TVM TV and Raaje TV, among other local channels. There are a couple of shops, where the islanders buy items. They also get gas and food items supplied by 2 major suppliers in the island. Electricity is supplied by the Central Utilities Limited and it is available throughout the day and night.

  • 24-hour front desk
  • airport transfer
  • bicycle rental
  • laundry service
  • luggage storage
  • restaurant
  • smoking area
  • WiFi