Island Vista Inn

Island Vista Inn offers high quality service and good treatment to guests. The aim of the Inn is to offer a pleasant experience to all their guests.

By merging together traditional Maldivian style and environmental theme, the inn has set itself apart from other accommodations in the area. It offers its guests a distinct experience due to its high standards.

Island Vista Inn is comfortable, bright and charming and it is distinguished by its quiet atmosphere in the island. Guests can enjoy the uniqueness of the atoll from this location. The restaurant at the inn is the perfect place to enjoy your meals. Meals are prepared according to the guest’s taste.

Every year Ukulhas organizes clean ups and planting programs and they also create awareness on the importance of managing waste, aquatic flora and fauna and biodiversity. This makes Ukulhas a renowned model island when it comes to environmental issues.

The island is 1,025 meters long and 225 metres wide and stands at a longitude of 70 degrees 52’00 E and 4 degrees 12’00 N. Its area is 17.40 Hectares. The beautiful island is 71.91 km from Male. No island comes close to how clean UKulhas is. Garbage in the island is impeccably managed. In 2014, Ukulhas won the ‘Green Leaf award’ for its exceptional efforts in conserving the environment.

Located in Alif Alif Atoll just at the edge of the Northern boundary stands Ukulhas which is oval shaped and level sand cay.