Maldives Beach Holidays

  The Maldives is one of the smallest countries in Asia but its beaches make up a huge part of its beautiful land, with their powdery white sand. When the tides are low some of the beaches seem to go on forever. You can walk far from shore into shallow waters with the water at your ankles and even find drop-offs that create natural pools in the warm sandy waters. Where can we find such a place, you may ask? Just a short boat ride from your room at a private beach island!

Spotted with tropical fruit and coconut trees and speckled along thousands of island shores, every beach of the Maldives is a scenic delight, making the country one of the most stunning destinations on Earth. This country offers peace and tranquillity at its best. There are opportunities for excitement but if adventure sports are not your cup of tea and relaxation is what you seek then spend your whole Maldives beach holidays watching fabulous sunsets, sun soaking and learning the ‘intricate techniques’ of the laid back Maldivian lifestyle.

Your Maldives Beach Holidays in desert islands when you stay in our Guest houses



From your guest house the local beaches are a short boat ride away. You can head over to the resorts and uninhabited or privately owned islands where you can wear swimwear, these are a few options. A dhoni (traditional boat) can take you to your preferred spot. It was Cocoa Island’s private and well-maintained beaches that stole our hearts. You can have free reign on the island hardly having to share the beach with anyone.

You can stay on the local Island beaches and even snorkel from the shores. On local islands, bikinis aren’t really worn, nor do men walk around with only shorts. Living among the local Muslim population you generally wouldn’t strut around half-naked as you would in a resort village. This is all part of the experience and shouldn’t be seen as a drawback – there is plenty of opportunity to soak up the sun and pose for those fantastic holiday beachwear photos on the uninhabited islands. There are endless choices when it comes to hitting the beaches of the Maldives. The beaches of resorts and private islands are well-maintained and have constant attention. The beaches of the local islands are less so but perhaps as tourism builds there they will begin paying more attention to these potential tourist magnets.

Watching the sun go down the horizon or sun bathing the whole day on a beach of the Maldives is not everything there is to this experience. Staying close to the people of the Maldives in a guesthouse instead of a tourist-filled resort will bring you back to the simple joys of life. Take a deep breath and slow down your pace. Our day-to-day lives are so busy and it’s our guest houses in the Maldives that will give you the chance to get away from all that and just relax. Imagining yourself on a beach of the Maldives defines the image of this amazingly beautiful country. Ask about beach excursions when you make your booking!