Maldives Budget Travel – Online

  In the past, Maldives holiday travel deals were only made available through travel companies and travel agencies, and this all came at a price. However these days, you can now obtain a perfect Maldives vacation for yourself at budget rates, just by doing a bit of research online. Aside from that, Maldives travelers like you now have the convenience of controlling your own travel arrangements to make sure your holiday suits you perfectly.

Regardless of whether you want to travel to have a vacation with your family, a surf trip with friends or a couple’s getaway in the Maldives, the expenses of travel can be very significant. You have to take into consideration all the different costs such as airfare, transportation to the airport, accommodation, food and activities, as well as all the other little extras. Don’t let this discourage you though! We have some ideas for you. Those who think that it is never cheap to travel, especially to a place as special as the Maldives, haven’t done enough research and maybe just don’t value a great holiday. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this one-of-a-kind destination. We want to show you that it’s possible to leave some money in your account where it belongs.

Maldives Budget

Be your own travel agent

When it comes to the best Maldives holiday travel deals, vacationers and travelers should make use of the Internet to find the best possible prices on their hotel accommodation and transportation or airfare. Besides the fact that there are often special rates offered in the Internet only or discounts for making early reservations, you can compare tons of different offers that may not be available through a travel agent. If you want to book through a travel agent though, be sure to do your research online before booking to make sure you’re getting a decent deal.


While it has a reputation for luxury, the Maldives is definitely not only destination for tourists with deep pockets. Maldives travellers can equally enjoy the pristine beauty of the island nation staying at budget accommodation. You’ll be mesmerised by the outdoor scenery anyway, so won’t be too concerned with the indoors. Guest houses are a relatively new type of accommodation in the Maldives. This budget option gives you all the needed facilities and comforts, but you won’t have to shell out a bundle. They also offer room with different board options but there are also local restaurants that you could give a try. If you’re trying to budget you might want to take a package with half board so you know most of your meals are covered and you don’t have to think about this extra expense once you get there. One of the greatest advantages of going for budget accommodation like our guest houses is that you can spend your money on other aspects of holidaying. Cutting on accommodation expenses will help you invest on fun and activities.


The cost of activities can be huge. If you can save money in this area you’ve done a good well with creating a budget trip. Most resorts and guesthouses offer excursions and activities at an extra cost. After comparing trip prices from resorts to trip costs from guesthouses there’s no doubt that staying at a local island guest house offers better and more reasonable rates all-round. Some people like to just spend most of their time on a resort though so will take fewer excursions and these are generally the people who don’t fall into the category of budget traveller, two reasons that the resorts can charge more. From guesthouses you can expect to pay from $20 per person for a day boat trip for snorkelling or from $30 per person for a day at a deserted island, just as a couple examples. Each guesthouse lists their individual prices.

Overall Budget

The costs of food and activities are minimal, especially compared to resort. For two people travelling and staying together for 7 nights you might expect to spend around 600 USD per person plus flights. This includes accommodation, food and activities and is just an average, you could of course spend more or even less. Your search for budget lodging in the Maldives will surely point to guest houses. Here, you pay a fraction of what you would have paid for high end hotels but the scenery is still free! The best Maldives experiences are found outside of your hotel windows – and not in the hotel room.