Plan your Maldives Flight: Your Journey to a Unique Tropical Retreat

  Your Maldives flight will take you right into this secluded tropical island nation, located in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the least populated countries in Asia but a famous destination for tourists from all over the world. Maldives flights are well connected to all parts of the world and some domestic flights are also available between the islands of the Maldives.

Male International Airport

The Male International airport is the main airport of Maldives and is located on artificially created Hulhulé Island that’s part of the expanding capital city of Male. This major airport is served by many International and domestic flights. The other airport that is situated on the Addu’s southern atoll is the Gan Airport that serves several International flights through a few airlines. This southernmost island of the country is a 60 minute flight from Male.

From the Male International Airport you can travel to the main Male Island easily on a speedboat or dhoni, the cost is minimal and it takes just 10-15 minutes. There are boats at regular intervals throughout the day. From Male ferries are available to the surrounding islands, with many just a 2-hour ride on a local dhoni service. You’ll travel with locals and it’s a good time to check out some scenery and perhaps nap so you’re ready for activities when you reach the island. Other options for travel within the Maldives are by speedboat or by seaplanes to reach other islands, these are not budget options but they’re there for you if you’d like to splurge.


International Maldives flights serving the Male Airport

The major international airlines that operate Maldives flight every day are Air Seychelles, Air Europe, Malaysia Airlines,Indian Airlines, Aeroflot, Emirates, Qatar Airlines, Kuwait Airways and others. Singapore Airlines offers daily direct flights between Male and SingaporeBritish Airways operate flights between Male and London Gatwick, three times weekly. From Johannesburg Maldives flights are operated by airlines like Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlinesand South African Airways.

The majority of the regular cheap flights to Male Maldives are from places like India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Seychelles. Flights to Maldives also operate from places like Italy, Russia, Austria and Germany. Charter flights to Maldives are operated by airlines such as Aeris, Monarch Airways, Edelweiss Air, Blue Panorama from countries like Switzerland, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy and France. You may be able to find a budget option by flying into India, for example, then booking a separate flight to the Maldives.

The simple visa policy makes the trip to the Maldives all the more convenient. On arrival, a free 30-day visa is given to all tourists who have a proof of adequate funds, return ticket and valid travel document. The tickets are inclusive of the departure taxes. They will also ask you where you will be staying, so have the island name of your guest house ready. In Male, the visas can be extended for a maximum period of 90 days but tourists need to state their place of residence during that period. While this is generally the case for visas, you should always check your individual visa requirements and make appropriate arrangements.

Domestic Flights serving the Male Airport

Tourists can travel to various hotels and guest houses within the country by domestic airlines. To reach Guraidoo and the guesthouse this is not necessary since there is a local ferry from Male to Guraidoo. The national airline of Maldives is Air Maldives, which operates various flights between the different islands. The Trans Maldivian Airways and Maldivian Air Taxi are the other services that operate flights between the islands and resorts of Maldives.

On arrival, all luggages is scanned and tourists should keep in mind that import of pork, alcohol, idols of worship and pornography are strictly prohibited. Export of seashells and sand is banned as well from the Maldives. They’re looking to preserve the delicate beauty found here, which is good news for you as a tourist!

Upon arrival you will find an airport information desk if you have any questions about the ferries and how to get from place to place. There is also a bank for money exchange. You will want to take some USD and mostly Rufiyaa to local Islands. Both are accepted but you often get a better deal when paying in Rufiyaa in the restaurants and shops.

When you go to leave, sorry, of course you don’t want to think about having to leave!… You’ll find some basic facilities available in the ‘outside’ area of the airport like a café, shower facilities, a restaurant and of course some souvenir shops for those last minute purchases. There are also shops in the departures area with souvenirs.

You may find queues to get into the departures area so keep your summer clothes on for the warm wait. Since many of the other tourists book resort holidays that arrive and leave at set times, you get a crowd on certain days and at certain times. On Monday’s for example are the morning arrivals and departures of Thompson holidays.

The numerous Maldives flights make the Maldives an accessible and favourite beach and resort destination for people from over the world. Now, it’s even more reachable thanks to budget guesthouse accommodation. You will not be among all the crowds of tourists… you’ll be travelling and living among locals. Your flight to Male Maldives will be the start of a unique holiday in a popular tourist destination.

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