Maldives Islands, the sunny side of life

With its stunning scenery, tranquil beaches, upbeat people, world class underwater beauty and warm accommodation, the Maldives is almost synonymous with luxury and relaxation. When you hear stories of this place it's what an ideal holiday should be, whether you're an adventure seeker or a beach bum. Thus, it is not surprising when people fall head over heels, when they see the Maldives for the first time.

On the map, the Maldives Islands are no more than a few splashes of ink. A string of coral scattered over the Indian Ocean, situated south west of the tip of India and stretching all the way to the equator. It is a tropical refuge popularly known as the"Flower of the Indies." Sky kissing coconut trees grow on the fringes of these islands and the clear warm waters of the ocean lap on its dazzling white sandy beaches. The turquoise lagoons and coral reefs abound in various kinds of aquatic flora and fauna. For centuries, the islands of Maldives have mesmerized travellers from all over the world.

Maldive Island

The People

What attracts the tourists all the more is the traditional Maldivian hospitality, which is most prominently noticed in the guesthouses and local accommodation options. Nearly all major hotel and resort chains of the world have their properties in the Maldives but to discover the real Maldives one has to stay in the guesthouses and be a part of the local customs and traditions. The people are predominantly Muslims but with Dutch, Portuguese and British influences. The hospitality of the people may also come from the value they place on tourism income. Maldives tourism is big business.

The Food

A diverse culture produces a diverse taste. But often times, diversity leads to the lost of identity. The loss of identify in terms of culinary cuisines leads to confusion between what is authentic and what is borrowed. In the Maldives, diversity has actually elevated its food into gastronomy of pleasure you should not miss. The combination of Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan and Oriental tastes fussed up with the existing local taste to become a culinary identity that is truly Maldivian. No trip will ever be complete without experiencing the taste of the local food.

Getting around and enjoying the Maldives

The popular modes of transport in Maldives are the local boats or dhonis, motorbikes and bicycles. All the Maldives Islands offer the visitors the recreational option of diving. In fact, the Maldives is considered one of the best places to learn diving. Here, divers can enjoy the beautiful marine life inhabited by seaweed, sharks, crustaceans, turtles and numerous brightly-coloured fishes. The other popular activities are water-skiing windsurfing, fishing and excursions to villages.

Weather of the Maldives

These tropical islands experiences a whole year of sunshine, but the best months to go are from December to April (the rainy season is from May to November). These are also the times when people pack the hotels and resorts. The temperature ranges between 25.4 degree C and 30.4 degree C. In the Northeast region, the monsoon arrives between November and April and in the Southwest region, it comes between May and October, which brings in more wind and rain than average.

Maldives Islands Beaches

The beaches of the islands are so beautiful and enchanting that many visitors just want to relax on the beaches and feel like doing nothing, enjoying the view of the spectacular seascape. There are so many things you can do in the Maldives but many visitors prefer to go barefoot and just enjoy the white sand beach while looking at an uninterrupted view of the turquoise ocean and the neighbouring islands. Spending time at the beach is enough to make the holiday complete. There are lots of activities though too!

The Ocean

The Maldives is not about shopping, neither is it about partying. The Maldives is all about the ocean showcasing the beauty of the ocean you have never expected.The Maldives probably has the most number of dive sites per square kilometre than any other countries in the world. The distinct characteristic of the island and how it has come to be are the reasons why this place offers an underwater world that can be described as nothing but the best. Some have said that no one can ever guess how wonderful and how rich the ocean is if they have not visited the Maldives. Words cannot express how beautiful the Maldives so you've got to experience it. Once you do, with the unique charm of the Maldives islands,it is almost assured that you will choose to stay in this place for as long as possible. Just let the clock stand still while you are mesmerized with the beauty of this place.


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