Maldives Surf and Stay

  You can rest assured for Maldives Surf, the weather is champagne, the wind is perfect and the waves are crisp – that’s everything you need. The Maldives is considered one of the best spots in the world for surfing and diving. You can truly enjoy it if you stay in our guest houses and grab the opportunity to surf at famous locations just a stone’s throw away from your home away from home. The Maldives is a group of tropical islands in the Indian Ocean characterised by hot and damp weather conditions. With little variation from the average temperature of 25 C throughout the year, it has become one of the most attractive surfing regions of the world. This makes the Maldives great for parasailing and windsurfing as well.


When’s best for surfing in Maldives?

The Maldives surf season extends from end of February to the middle of November. According to the local surfers, you’ll experience some of the most fantastic waves between March and May and again from September to November. Bring your own board, suit and adventurous side and you’ll be riding the turquoise waters in no time.

Where’s best for exploring the surfs?

Some of the best surf spots are near Guraidhoo Island. You can hire boats or ‘Dhonis’, as they are called here, or take the local charter services to venture out and explore the waves and try surfing at the reefs. The best option to explore the surfs is to hire a local boat as they take you to some interesting and more remote spots to try surfing there. The most exciting activity is breaking through the reefs, which being shallow on the surfs are quite risky at times as the razor-sharp corals jut out. During the surf monsoon, the size of reef breakers go up to 8 to10 feet where normally they would be 4 to 6 feet the rest of the year.

  • Chickens A long and satisfying left hander with bigger swell and higher tide. Cheickens can produce up to 10 second barrels.
  • Cola’s / Coke’s This is one of the best reef breaks in the area when it’s big. It is a thick, heavy and hollow right with a vert take-off. Coke’s breaks hard over the a shallow reef so this is definitely a wave for experienced surfers.
  • Honky’s This super long left hander wraps nearly 90 degrees and can double in size by the end section. In season it is definitely one of the best waves in the Maledives, nice barrels, too. – Sultan’s The bigger the better is the mantra of this classic 300m right hander. When it’s on this steep outside peak leads to a super fast wall and then an inside section that throws right out and tubes on every wave. Epic!
  • Jailbreaks Named after the prison that used to be on the island close by. This right works best with big swell but has plenty of soft breaking sections. When big it becomes a single, long and perfect wave and the three sections start to link up. Unfortunately some of the big resorts call some waves “their own”, which makes them un-surfable for non-guests.
  • Lohi’s This wave is an exclusive wave for guests of the resort island Lohifushi. It is a solid left hander that usually breaks in two sections but with big swell and high enough tide the sections link up.
  • Pasta Point Guests of the resort have an exclusive use of this left. Nice wave, but hey someone else “owns” it.
  • Surfspots in and around Malé are: Raalhugandu, Rats, Runways, Furana, Kadu and Piddlies. Also check our surftrip Maldives surfvideo-section.

Back to the beginning of surfing in Maldives

Surfing is an age-old sport in the Maldives. Earlier it was done with simple planks, but the modern style of surfing in Maldives began in the late 70’s with Tony Hinde, an Australian surfer. In 1973, Tony along with his friend started sailing from Sri Lanka towards Africa. In what would be a fortunate turn of events, he was shipwrecked and he landed on the shores of Male. While living here, Tony used his skill at surfing in the reefs of Maldives and discovered its delights. It’s a bit of a romantic story. As time went by, Tony fell in love and married a beautiful native lady and soon started his own surfing agency. He ‘lived happily ever after’ in his fairytale land of the Maldives and soon people from all over the world would come to know about this beautiful land and its surfing opportunities.

Fast forward to the recently held O’Neil Deep Blue Contests and Maldives surf has secured its position on the world map, with some of the world’s best surfers being attracted to the Maldives. We’re just lucky our guesthouses are so close to the action – and you will be too! Ask us about surfing when you make your booking.