The Perfect Maldives Vacation Rental

A Maldives vacation can be a life-changing experience. Whether visiting the Maldives on a honeymoon, an annual vacation or even an anniversary celebration, finding a Maldives vacation rental property is easier than ever before. Hotels and resorts certainly have a lot to offer, but renting a locally-owned house is a new and exciting way to enjoy a Maldives vacation.

Hotels vs. Rental Houses

The Maldives locals pride themselves on their ability to maintain self-sustaining resort hotels on every single tourist island. Many of these resorts are high-quality, technologically advanced and downright gorgeous. While many vacationers are used to staying in hotels all over the world, there are other options for Maldives vacation rentals. Rental houses are a relatively new development in the Maldives, but more and more homeowners are getting on board with the idea. Renting a house allows vacationers to feel more at home while on vacation, without worrying about their careers, debts or troubles.

Hotels and Resorts: The Cons

Currently, hotels and resorts are the most common choice of tourists from all over the world. They offer a very familiar setting, but are frequently crowded and impersonal. Even the best hotels and resorts only offer a few 'select' rooms that overlook the ocean or provide an otherwise fantastic view, and these can be very costly. Suites with kitchens, dens and second bedrooms are available but require booking months in advance and are also very expensive. The Maldives provide tourists with an experience that is out of the ordinary, and for this reason, it may be worth choosing a new and exciting type of accommodations.

The Rental House Option

For a different type of Maldives vacation rental, many vacationers are choosing rental houses. These houses are often locally-owned and managed, so the money spent to rent the house goes back into supporting the local economy. These houses vary in size and location, and can be found all over the Maldives. House owners are typically well-to-do vacationers who have taken up permanent residence in the Maldives, but choose to rent their house to tourists when they are away or vacationing in another country. Some houses operate similarly to time shares, while others are simple one-week to one-month leases.

Rental Houses: The Pros

Houses are a favored Maldives vacation property because they provide vacationers with peace and solitude when it is desired. There are no schedules when staying in a rental house, so activities are easily enjoyed whenever desired. Catered meals are available, but the houses feature full-service kitchens with all of the accessories; many vacationers enjoy preparing local foods on their own. A rental home also gives tourists and vacationers a private spot that they can call their own, thereby eliminating the need for 'do not disturb' signs to prevent unexpected visits from housekeeping staff. Rental houses also provide vacationers with plenty of room for children, family or friends.

Rental Houses: The Cons

There really are not any downsides to choosing a Maldives vacation rental house over a hotel or resort. Although room service is not available with a single telephone call, rental houses all but eliminate the need for room service in the first place. Choosing a hotel or resort over a rental house may all boil down to a matter of opinion, but travel agents and vacationers all over the world will recommend trying a rental house on an international vacation at least once due to the sense of independence and seclusion from the hustle and bustle it provides.

A Maldives vacation rental house is certainly something different than what many people are accustomed to, but the Maldives are a great place to have a home away from home. Many hotels and resorts are organized but impersonal, but a rental house makes guests feel right at home, no matter how many miles from home they may be.

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