Take Advantage of the Unique Tourist Attractions in Maldives

The tropical island setting and the tourist attractions in Maldives are an ideal setting for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. The innate charm of the place has attracted tourists from all over the world for years but only recently have they started welcoming tourists to the local, inhabited islands. This means many islands are still relatively unknown territory to travelers and not overrun by tourists.

Natural and man-made beauty alike

The famous, unique Maldives tourist attractions are the huge, postcard-perfect lagoons around the many low-lying islands, big and small. There are many natural tourist attractions in Maldives such as the lovely beaches, serene lagoons, and amazing diving spots, coral reefs for snorkelling and even great waters for surfing. Absorbing the picturesque scenery is an activity in itself. There are also many man-made attractions like beautiful mosques and museums, found mostly in the larger, populated areas like Male.


Natural and man-made beauty alike

Countless Natural Tourist Attractions in Maldives

Picture perfect

The whole of Maldives is naturally gorgeous. Any place you traverse is beautiful and awe inspiring – it won’t take much to see the scenes the Maldives is famous for. You’ll be snapping photos left and right – if you weren’t into photography before the Maldives will turn you into a camera-happy tourist. Even the amateur photographer will have no trouble taking great photos in the Maldives but there are a few tips to make the most of your camera skills.


The Maldives’ beaches with their blue waters are what have traditionally attracted the tourists. Our guest house islands, your home away from home, are surrounded by some of the great beaches of the Maldives. Apart from serenity, the beaches offer a wide array of activities such as surfing, snorkelling, parasailing and diving. You can visit quiet islands where you barely share the beach with a few others or you can opt for the more populated beaches of the resorts. Furafathi is a unique sand bar in the middle of the sea that’s worth a visit.

Marine life sightings

You will have the opportunity for random or organised dolphin sightings or even swimming with dolphins. There are turtles and manta rays scattered across the country to be seen while diving along with sharks and other impressive ocean creatures.


A great activity if you want to experience traditional fishing on local Dhoni Boats, game fishing and spend time with the locals exploring uninhabited Islands. You can even bring your catch back and have yourself a barbeque dinner, just check with your guest house or local restaurant. In short, if you are in search of adventure then staying on a local island and exploring the natural attractions here is must.


Another Maldives tourist attraction you can’t miss are the splendid sunsets. You can make an activity of it by heading out in a boat and making it a sunset excursion.



The Maldives Experience

For the man-made attractions – you’ll find most in Male. You can find more info on the Male Maldives page under ‘The Maldives’ tab. The local inhabited islands are an attraction for tourists as well. You can make these islands your home by staying in a guest house, while resort tourists only get the chance to stop by during their day trip outings when they visit the souvenir shops.

Most tourists remain confined to their resort islands and miss out on some of the rare the delights that they can acquire by learning about the local people’s way of life and their customs and traditions. You, on the other hand, are ready for adventure.

You can access and learn about these Maldives tourist attractions if you stay in our guest house. So make your trip special, explore the Maldives and have a one-of-a kind holiday. You don’t have to decide before you go – you can arrange most trips a day in advance once you’re settled in to your guest house. Ask us about arranging any of these activities when making your booking.


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